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Analysis-ready geo-spatial project support intelligence
Designed to fast-track your projects

Sub-sector solutions offered by our environmental division.
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Our experience & capabilities

Harnessing our extensive expertise in remote sensing and earth observation, the GEOTERRA Environmental Division stands as a front-runner in delivering spatial intelligence solutions to diverse clients within the realms of conservation and sustainable development.

Our offerings encompass adaptable spatial intelligence tailored to each project's requirements, as well as automated monitoring products. At our core lies a proficiency in characterizing landscapes through image analysis, allowing us to produce user-centric spatial insights. These insights serve the dual purpose of continuous monitoring and quantification of a wide array of natural landscape features.

Powered by our proprietary algorithms and methodologies, our success stories span various geographical regions. This enables swift implementation in new project areas, ensuring accurate and dependable assessments of land cover and land use. This process bolsters the establishment of benchmarks and the seamless tracking of changes over time.

Our services extend to a vast spectrum of applications. From evaluating the impacts of infrastructure projects and human activities to monitoring mining operations, renewable energy initiatives, and the dynamics of deforestation and afforestation (including biomass and floristic analyses), we equip our clients with tried-and-true spatial intelligence.

In collaboration with EkoSource Insights, we proudly introduce a game-changing monitoring solution—watersphere360. This innovative product furnishes monthly updates on the location, quantity, quality, and potential future availability of water resources. It's a tool designed to make a difference.

Satellites collect various types of image resolutions for earth observation purposes
Aerial View of Forest
Scenic View Of Dam
Wind Turbines

Why make use of analysis-ready intelligence?

Remote sensing uses images to extract data

Drastically improve

project implementation time

Automated mapping of water bodies
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