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Carbon mapping & quantification

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GTI brings a wealth of experience to support your forest monitoring and carbon quantification activities and requirements. This global quality experience and capability is internationally recognised by GTI’s accreditation by VERRA international Gold Carbon standard as the African regional preferred supplier of international standard carbon assessment support work. This accreditation is a result of the collaborative capabilities and skills available through the long-standing relationship between GTI and The Cirrus Group (Dr Tony Knowles). The GTI-Cirrus team brings together the expertise and experience required to explore, develop and report each component of nature-based carbon offset projects, to help monetarize your resources. The team have worked together on numerous REDD+, reforestation and conservation agriculture projects located in sub-Saharan Africa and South America.

Why is accreditation important?

Companies often ‘pledge’ environmental sustainability (also known as greenwashing) but without registering their programs with a carbon certification body. Verra has established itself as a pioneer in the field of sustainability, particularly in relation to carbon markets and its origins trace back to 2005.

What we offer

Considering your particular requirements, we have the resources and expertise to guide you through various standards and phases, from Scoping, through Pre-Feasibility to Full Assessment:

• Verra Standards (VCS)

• Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCB)

• Gold Standard

• Plan Vivo verification processes


Our globally competitive, proven methodologies allow us to access Earth Observation data and use remote sensing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to rapidly generate high quality, cost-effective, customized products to our clients.


We offer a highly experienced team, with an excellent track record in:

• Early feasibility studies to evaluate the viability of projects and understand additionality and risk.

• Identifying of the most appropriate VCS or Gold Standard methodology.

• Full project development and the compilation of a Project Design Document.

• Liaison and co-ordination with Verification and Validation Bodies.

• Measurement and reporting over the full project period.


Our clients typically work within the forestry, conservation and agriculture sectors and use our proven services to evaluate, quantify and realize carbon assets generated through their activities.

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Our mapping capabilities are accredited by:

Vegetation change mapping from a variety resolution of satellite imagery. From 10m resolution, changes are represented as thematic classifications while 3m resolution change mapped is represented as % area change derived from pixel-to-pixel NDVI differences.

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