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Landscape characterisation

LandSphere360 - landcape characteristics.png

Quantifiable landscape characteristics provide our clients with a scientific means to understand project baseline environments and changes in and around project landscapes over time.


Our automated landcover algorithms can be scaled across any size area to determine a baseline at the client-define time stamp. Applications supported by our landcover product (landsphere360) include wetland monitoring, mapping burn scars, tracking deforestation and revegetation. Seasonal changes are accounted for, providing our clients with the most probable change outcome from non-seasonal impacts.


The difference between our landcover product and most open-source landscape data is that we have the ability to define the exact reference years a client wishes to use. Furthermore, our algorithms are designed to enable local adaption to facilitate a more detailed representation of local vegetation cover characteristics.


Once a project area baseline has been established, the landscape model can be generated for multiple timestamps to produce quantifiable and content-comparable time series data, enabling trajectories of land-cover change to be determined and tracked across both time and space.


Floristic characteristics can also be added to compliment the land-cover content, in order to provide an enhanced vegetative detail which can provide valuable insight on and quantification of biodiversity value.

How can we help you quantify the changes from your projects? Schedule a call to discuss your intelligence needs today.

Our landscape characterization capabilities are used for:

  • Detailed baseline inventories of landscape components

  • Supporting reconnaissance surveys & baseline content for detailed inventories

  • Comprehensive classification of land-cover components (can be enhanced to include land-use)

  • Standardised content generation supports accurate change detection

  • Location specific modifications to adapt to local landscape and vegetation characteristics

  • Full automated, globally scalable service, based on open-access satellite imagery

Figure below: Automated land cover generated over any landscape across the globe

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