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TurbineVu 360 is a globally scalable, intelligent visual impact assessment tool, designed to support developers and land-owners with initial, reconnaissance-level evaluations of both planned or existing wind farm developments. Through a combination of easy-to-use interactive graphics and map-based illustrations and reports, it provides a comprehensive understanding of the visual impact of all turbines structures, from every possible location in the project affected landscape.

We help solve the complexity of quantifying visual impacts on your landscape by providing decision-ready graphics and metrics for the entire affected landscape regardless, of the extent of the impacted area.  TurbineVu 360 is a desk-top reconnaissance support capability that requires no in-field activity support. The rapid results obtained from the TurbineVu 360 tool are ideal complimentary support information to the full Visual Impact Assessment process, and wider Environmental Impact Assessment.

Find out how TurbineVu 360 can help streamline your first-step, reconnaissance-level visual impact assessments.

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