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Applications for landscape monitoring

Spatial intelligence solutions can be used to characterise the landscape and quantifying land-cover and land-use types, for the purpose of resource inventories or detecting and monitoring landscape changes, as a result of development impacts and settlement growth.  

This includes:


  • Visual impacts of wind turbines on landscape aesthetics

  • Environmental geo-intelligence for other renewable energy developments.

  • Greenfield, brownfield and end-of-life rehabilitation landscape inventories for mining activity

  • Project-induced migration impact, monitoring and quantification

  • Project baseline assessments (land cover, land use, habitat, vegetation)

  • Landscape analyses for security and logistical reconnaissance


Solutions can also be used for:

  • Infrastructure development impacts 

  • Monitoring settlement expansion over time

  • Environmental Impact Assessments

  • Natural Capital Accounting inventories

  • Habitat reconnaissance surveys and detailed inventories

  • Carbon Offset projects (see CaronSphere360)

  • Conservation planning, etc.

Project landscape monitoring

Wind Turbines


Rapid Virtual Impact Assessment of Turbine infrastructure on the landscape.

Business Meeting

Project Data Cube

Enrich your project database with multiple aligned datasets for landscape reconnaissance and project intelligence.

Mine rehabilitation monitoring

This monitoring tool provides a quick, remotely generated output that tracks mine activity impact to support rehabilitation reporting.

Mining Plant

Tailing dam monitoring

Remote monitoring of tailing dams volume, landscape changes and footprint expansion of mine operations over time.

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